Monday, October 3, 2011

Reviewing Long John Silver's fresh tagline

Long John Silver's latest tagline is:

Sea food differently

Obviously combining the ideas of "see food differently" and "sea food" into a single thought, this tagline scores high for economy of words.

The tagline is often used in TV and radio spots in the first person by employees, or actors playing employees, that declare "I sea food differently." The first person usage conveys the idea that Long John Silver's is not only a different dining experience, but that the company's unique way of doing things permeates every corner of the company, or what executives might call a "top-down" adoption of the corporate vision.

All in all, I think this tagline is a win. It's short. It holds multiple meanings and something about it seems fresh, which can be hard to do in the often stale fast food category. My compliments to the copywriter.


Nancy said...

I've heard this tagline many times now too and love it! It takes creative minds to think of catchy, effective, and long lasting slogans/taglines. I think they'll be using this one for a long time.

Spork in the Road said...

Nancy, agreed. I think they're onto something here. I'll be curious to see how they evolve and expand it over time. One of the biggest challenges once you have a hit is extending its shelf life and finding out if it's flexible enough to live beyond the original campaign.