Monday, February 15, 2010

Tagline full of fiber

Taglines are a place where many companies stumble. Even when a company name is conservative or just informational, there seems to be a temptation to go a little crazy when it comes to taglines, especially when a company works in the B2B arena. This is one such example.

Company: Third Coast Produce
Tagline: "Lettuce produce for you!"

Yes, the exclamation point is really part of it. Yes, the quotation marks are really part of it. And a double pun. Need I say more? I could pick fun at it, but they probably have great fruit and veggies. While it pains me to see a line like this rumbling around town scrawled across the sides of delivery trucks, I mostly wish I had the opportunity to help companies like this develop a line worthy of all the hard work they put into their businesses.

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