Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Too much of a good thing, Part 7- THE POINT

One of the main reasons this approach has worked for so long is because it was fairly uncommon. However, as it becomes more and more common, it becomes not the antithesis of homogeneity, but becomes homogenized itself. It’s boring. It has no personality. It has no character or voice. It tells you nothing about the brand but that they hired a designer who’s more interested in their own design perspective than in creating something appropriate for the brand. Minimalism and its elements have their time and place, especially when combined with other interesting, more dynamic styles. However, the bottom line is that if we get enough of these redesigns, the style will be just as ubiquitous and unoriginal as suburban white carpet and just as trendy and flat-footed as neon-colored fanny packs. Everything in moderation.


Rondell said...

I used 2 have a fanny pack with some graffiti letters of my initials on it. I sure miss that hip purse.

Spork in the Road said...

Way back in grade school, my family took a trip to Walt Disney World. I thought I was the talk of the town with my fanny pack replete with multiple pockets, zippers and even hidden compartments. Combine that with a floppy magenta baseball cap and I was stylin'. Oh, the things fashion does to us. I'm glad to say fanny pack is a word I use these days only in jest.

linhuojian said...
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