Saturday, January 24, 2009

Suspiciously awesome perks for unnamed underling

I need to find out where the guy from the American Airlines commercial works. In the spot, he's a nameless underling kid who turns into his boss's go-to guy for business trips. I'm not sure why he's going, but evidently, the trips aren't very important or they really don't care about their business because the boss doesn't ever bother to learn his underling's name. The amazing part is when we get to the kicker - when the boss is looking for the go-to guy, he can't find him because the go-to guy used the frequent flyer miles to go on vacation...

What company lets you use the frequent flyer miles you accrue on business trips for personal use? I'm not sure if he committed some sort of fraud or if the go-to guy just works for such an awesome company that they let him use those business frequent flyer miles for personal use. I can't think of a company that wouldn't use that free trip for another business trip to cut costs. I might buy it if it were a large company and we were talking about the owner, but the company in the spot is clearly a large company and the underling is just that-an underling. All I have to say is, those are some serious perks.

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Mitzi said...

My friend has traveled constantly to install new IT networks at hospitals the past few years - first as an employee, then as a consultant. She parlayed her frequent flyer miles into first class tix to Amsterdam (the trip no one remembers) and a free trip to Arizona. As long as the employer is passing the airfare on to the client, they don't seem to care about the miles.