Monday, July 28, 2008

Job Wars: The Economy Strikes Back

Well, it’s no secret that few, if any, industries are safe from current economic conditions. Some of us are feeling it more than others. As of Friday, I was laid off for the second time this year directly due to issues of the economy. I should make it clear that I was laid off and not fired, and considering how much of the industry views copywriting as expendable, just as many clients view their marketing budgets as expendable, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to be one of those let go in either case. It does however, still come as a great blow, because I moved to the Houston area for this job, and would not have moved otherwise. Now I’m in another new city, trying to find my way around the advertising community and trying to get hired on at the 1-3 years of experience level, which is, I dare say, no easy feat.

And now it’s shameless self-promotion time. If you have any copywriting contract work that can be done by telecommuting (which can be anywhere, thanks to the wonder of computers!), are looking for a copywriter in the Houston area, or know anyone who might be, please let me know. I’m getting my portfolio web site up very soon for anyone who is interested, where you’ll also be able to find resumes and contact information. I’ll post the link to my blog here as soon as my site goes live. For now, if you would like to contact me regarding a position or contract work, feel free to email me at Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go draw an S.O.S. in the virtual sand.

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