Monday, June 30, 2008

HP Shows up Apple for Innovation

I'm no Apple fanatic nor Apple hater, but anyone with two eyes can appreciate the knack Apple has for innovation. That's why I'm so surprised that after leavings PCs and peripheral companies in the dust for so many years, HP got a one-up on the oft-hailed innovators. It comes in the form of HP's new desktop, a desktop with touch screen capabilities. While Apple certainly lead the way with the iPod Touch and the iPhone, HP brought it to full-powered computers first. I had wondered why no PC makers bothered to follow Apple's footsteps in the incredibly efficient model of having the entire computer contained within the flat panel monitor. It turns out HP was just waiting to add an extra innovation to theirs to get a leg up on APple. I'm sure Apple lovers will be fuming everywhere and decrying how it's not really that good, or that it's derivative of iPod Touch's technology. But the truth remains, that HP got a full-powered touch-screen desktop out first.

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